The Story of LifethreadZ

Making Healing and Transformation an Art

     A Mission that matters

Like most creative things in life they start with an idea an inspiration. Sometimes we act on those ideas, often we file them away for a better time or place. Lost perhaps but never forgotten.                Karen Walsh

LifethreadZ was an idea that was birthed during time spent working with Cheltenham Artisans, a UK collective of local artists, craftspeople and writers who met to share skills, and to create treasures to trade. Our ethos, made with love and created from the fabric of our lives.

 As a Writer I use my words to share the fabric of my life experiences, to tell my story, one of life threatening illness, transformation and healing. As an Artisan I felt inspired to craft treasures that would bring comfort, beauty, hope and inspiration during difficult life passages. Exactly what form that would take.  I did not yet know. However, what I did know for sure was, that it is not what we say, do or give, but how we leave someone feeling that truly matters.

 A memory was triggered and I was reminded of two treasured gifts, handmade and gifted to me by loved ones, during a very difficult and prolonged hospital and treatment period. I still have both items and use and treasure them today.  

The first item a pair of soft, plush cozy socks, I call them my Happy Socks,  brought a touch of comfort, warmth and made me smile.  The second item  a luxury, sweet smelling wash mitt, that provided a caressing and gentle touch to a tired, sore body.

The gifts themselves were beautifully crafted, and more importantly they brought such tender feelings of comfort, caring, calm and joy, a specialness. a set of qualities and feelings, that touched my heart and that made such a difference to me.

 I had my answer.  I now knew that what I was crafting was words.  That what mattered most to me was to pass those same qualities and feelings on, and make a difference to others, through the crafting of my story, via my written and spoken words of wisdom and by having conversations that matter.

LifethreadZ an International Lifestyle Coaching practice and community was launched in July 2015.  Inspired by these beautiful Artisan gifts. my story and the wisdom of the heart. I now share this wisdom with my clients and community, offering LifeStyle Coaching, Workshops, Retreats, Writing and Speaking.

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The amount of good luck coming your way
depends on your willingness to act.
— Barbara Sher

Contributions made    Projects that matter


  • Leader on United Airlines 9/11 Disaster Response team guiding and supporting employees worldwide. Frankfurt, London & Chicago 
  • Part of  United Nations 50 Year Celebration of end of WW2 participated in Round-tables for Peace for Child Holocaust Survivors.  Auschwitz, Poland 
  • Board Member provided Organizational Development expertise to the founding and running of KAIROS a resource center for those affected by HIV/AIDS. San Francisco. 
  • Worked with Hospice organisations on staff and as a volunteer providing Vigil and end of life support. Asheville, NC, San Francisco, CA. London, UK
  • Member and key contributor locally and globally to Art of Living Foundation, an Non Profit educational & humanitarian organization committed to a stress free mind and a violence free society. Bangalore India, London, UK, Santa Barbara, CA
  • Long term advocate and volunteer contributing Organizational and Leadership skills to variety of causes within my local community and worldwide. Stroke prevention & awareness, Domestic Violence, Affordable Housing & Medical, Refugee services, Lupus research, Brain Injury Alliance.