Are you out of your mind?


Our mind works to protect us, to serve us and to help us accomplish what needs to be completed. It is the source of all our thoughts.

Our thoughts are powerful and can guide us in a positive or a negative direction. 

It therefore important to have the practices, tools, and habits in place to re-focus our mind towards something that affirms and uplifts us, rather that which stresses and limits us. 

So how do we do that? Although we have automatic thoughts and reactions to the daily experiences of our lives, we actually do have choice over what happens next.

The feeling of stress and overwhelm that we can often feel in the hecticness of our daily lives is not in the circumstance itself, but in the way that we respond or react to what is happening. 

When we have a heightened sense of emotion and are completely disconnected from our center, from that calm place we know exists inside of us, it is because our mind and our thoughts are in control which causes us to react.

It almost feels like something has come over us and we are compelled to act.  That action might be in the form of words, saying something we regret.  It may be in physical form where we lash or act out.

  One might think, if I don’t actually act on these emotions, I just think them, then there is no harm done.  But that is not what happens.

Our presence, the energy we radiate out to others is felt.  If I wake up irritable and I leave the house that way, I can guarantee you by the time I get on the road, everyone on the street is in my way, all the lights are suddenly red, and what’s with that Stop sign anyway, and so it goes.

Our minds become even more restless and the endless cycle of thoughts don’t seem to let up.

It is not until we actually stop and pause that we can gain some perspective.  This pause allows a shift in our awareness, as we quiet the mind, we become present. From this space we can with clarity see and sense not only what is truly happening in the moment, but what is possible and available to us.

That interruption, that pause, along with the slowing down of the breath is what allows the mind to settle. We can then shift out of reaction mode and into a calm, more balanced responsive state. We become more alert, yet centered and what is ours to do next is done with far more freedom and ease.

The ultimate benefit is that our choices and decisions are more focused and aligned with what is most important to us. 





Great re-union call - Our willingness to show up

Thanks to everyone who was on the Writing for Inspiration and Change Workshop Reunion call this evening.

It was a rich time of writing and sharing and being in the stillness.  I appreciate each and everyone of you. And it reminded me of in my own life how many times I have been invited only to not accept that invitation. Not being in a space of willingness to just say Yes and to show up.

So much in life is about our willingness.  The fact that we show up already shifts the energy towards what matters, to what is possible. Saying yes, with no attachment to an outcome is where inspiration can be found.  And yet, we often stop ourselves from actually showing up.

So I INVITE YOU over the next week to pay attention to when you say Yes, when you say NO, just noticing is that coming from a space of willingness.

 Jot down any thoughts you may have and I invite you to share any comments below with the  LifethreadZ community.




Being Grateful

We just completed the Barbara Sher Telesummit Dare to Soar

We had participants from around the globe and it is a great testimony to what is truly possible when people gather with a shared intention to be of service by sharing what matters most!

So grateful and appreciative to our wonderful participants for being such an amazing audience! 

And of course a huge thank you to all the members of the WriteSpeak Graduate class of 2016, to Patty Newbold and to our own Barbara Sher for this amazing program. 

In gratitude,

Warm wishes, 




The Power of Prose Words of Wisdom to Calm and Inspire

Welcome to LifethreadZ and the Conversations That Matter blog!

Today I am delighted to introduce my new book.

                      The Power of Prose: Words of Wisdom to Calm and Inspire.

Writing the book  has has been a labor of love and a celebration of my passion for words.

Put your feet up, put the kettle on and settle in and savor the pages.


Warm wishes,